Monday, April 11, 2011

Just one touch, I swear! Win Samsung Galaxy Tabs with #TupperwareOneTouch today. Click for more info.

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Imagine this. You are munching on your favourite keporok and you can't seem to finish it but you just can’t find a good air-tight container to store them? Fret not, Churpers, because we are going to change your life today! Tupperware Brands is here to answer all your doubts and ensure you a better living. Tupperware's One Touch containers are definitely a must-have in every household because with a touch of your finger on the centre of the lid you’ll be assured that food stay crisp and fresh! And.. they last longer too! Here comes the icing on top, Churpers! Tupperware Brands is having a contest and they're giving away 3 Samsung Galaxy Tabs as prizes! Taking place at KLCC Aquaria from 7th Apr – 31st May 2011! Great excuse to visit KLCC Aquaria! Be the one of every 100th lucky winner to SMS to 012 – 7830 790 and win a Tupperware hamper as well as stand a chance to win the Samsung Galaxy Tab! See the Samsung Galaxy Tab light up under water as you SMS your details to the phone! Yes, in real time. Share this with everyone you know! You or your friends may just win a Samsung Galaxy Tab